The Story


The USJ Futsal men’s team was founded in 2006, by the Service du sport of Université Saint-Joseph, where “Futsal” was completely unknown in the Lebanese University level.

The team participated in all universities’ tournaments and won most of them (Championship, Cup, USC and others).


In 2008, USJ Futsal men’s team participated in the first Official National Championship of Lebanon (first division) which was held from March 2008 to June 2008, with 16 participating clubs. The USJ team took the 14th place and had to play the national second division championship the year after.
The USJ team lost in the quarter final of the Cup against the Cup winner of that first year (2008).

In the Season of 2008-2009 the USJ team took the highest rank on the second division championship regular season but ended the season in the third place after the final four. The first 2 teams joined the first division. The USJ team failed to play again the Cup semi-final after losing in the quarter final against a first division team.


In the Season of 2009-2010 the USJ team was also qualified to the second division championship final four and failed again to join the first division championship after ending the second division championship in the third place. The team played again the Cup quarter final and lost against the leader of the first division championship.


In the Season of 2010-2011 the USJ team played the second division finals for the 3rd consecutive year; the final four was played 3 times when the teams were always ending it with the same number of points. The USJ team was so close to win the second division championship but failed again and was ranked 3rd. The team lost in the Cup quarter final again.
In June 2011, the team’s former coach left to join the second ranked team of the second division, since he wanted to play the first division of the next season.
In July 2011, the Lebanese Football association “Futsal committee” raised the USJ futsal men’s team to the first division as it was ranked 3rd of the second division when a first division club was not able to continue playing in the first division.

The USJ team was led by a group of USJ alumni (coach, Assistant coach, manager, physical therapist) for the season of 2011-2012 first division championship. The team’s “surprise of the season” was that it ended the first division championship in the 3rd place!!! And 3 players of the USJ team were called to join the national team. The USJ team failed to reach the Cup semi-finals again.

The USJ Futsal men’s team visited Italy and Spain many times and participated in several tournaments. The best results on the international level were: 2nd place in Eurovalencia 2009 (Spain), 3rd place in Eurovalencia 2008 and 2011 (Spain), 5th place in Euromilano 2009 (Italy) and 8th place in the World University games 2010.


By reaching such high standards in Lebanese Futsal, with a team of only University students and some USJ Alumni, the USJ futsal men’s team is deeply respected and widely accepted as one of the best Futsal teams in Lebanon.

And the story goes on...